An abecedarium celebrating the art and typography of Hatch Show Print



4 x 6 inches

67 tri-color pages, 26 hand-carved & printed letters, 30 illustrations

Hand-bound accordion-style

Published October 2018


Hatched was created to pay homage to prolific and ubiquitous work of the Hatch Show Print company of Nashville, Tennessee. The project required to book to be produced using the accordion-style method. A further design restriction was added to utilize a color-palette chosen at random from the book, "A Dictionary of Color Combinations" by Sanzo Wada. 

Creative Strategy

In producing this book, I chose to utilize letterforms found from various posters produced by Hatch Show Print  for Nashville's Ryman Auditorium between the years 1994 and 2018. Letterforms were selected for their unique design but also relative to the visual interest of the poster from which they originated. The poster itself was to be utilized in the project as a reference for the letter and as a visual tribute to Hatch Show Print. 

     Once letters were selected, they were carefully reproduced onto linoleum blocks and carved to mimic their original woodblock styles.

Reader Experience

The book was printed on a smooth textured, off-white paper to allow a softer contrast between the paper and the stark color palette. The reader begins the book working through the alphabet of printed letters (consonants in olive, vowels in green). Each page lists the name of the artist whose poster the letter originated from and the date of the corresponding concert. As the reader progresses past the letter 'Z', they

Letters were then inked and printed by hand and digitally uploaded for color rendering according to the designated color palette of Deep Grayish Olive, Diamine Green, and Khaki.

     The source posters were digitally converted to tri-colored images and the associated letter pulled from the poster was highlighted for the visual reference of the reader. A variety of quotes were added throughout the book to celebrate music, the Ryman Auditorium, and the print process.

turn through the back cover and work their way from 'Z' to "A', viewing all of the source posters from Hatch Show Print produced in the same tri-color palette. The entire experience gives the reader a sampling of a storied relationship that's unique to Nashville. The story of Hatch Show Print is the story of the Ryman Auditorium, its musical history, printmaking in general, and the unique typefaces associated with woodblock type. 



Part of the joy of this project was the hands-on aspect of carving and printmaking. I find design projects that incorporate physical processes to be uplifting and humanizing. The photos featured below display a little of the design process associated with this book.