One Young World




Logo Design


One Young World is an annual gathering of young leaders aged 18 to 30 with the goal of creating relationships and connections that will bear fruit in the form of social changes across the globe. For the purposes of this project, their 2020 event will be held in Bogotá, Colombia and will require a brand refresh that will bring a distinctive voice to the event.


Creative Direction

The goal of the One Young World (OYW) refresh was to provide a concrete means to activate the organization's goals, distill giant ideas into tangible, executable actions, and create an appealing brand image that attracted both youth and elder engagement. Drawing inspiration from the Andes mountain range that traverses South America and from the original logo design, a ribbon motif was used to represent the connectedness of delegates to one another and the world. Within the summit itself, delegates are presented with stark images and challenging calls to action to spur them beyond the mere understanding of problems towards a more impactful community engagement.

Logo Design

The original OYW logomark was a combination of the organization name and ribbon-like devices that formed the letters O-N-E. The refresh included a simple gradient sphere with the "One Young World' organizational name anchored inside. The combination is highlighted by a ribbon rising from the horizon and descending across the sphere in reference to the connectedness of the global community.


Being a costly conference, a specific goal was to avoid the appearance that this was an event for wealthy people to do a lot of talking about aid but generate very few results for their communities. Outsiders and attendees both should feel the event gives concrete ideas and produces concrete connections to programs that make an actual impact  To this end, the tagline "Less talk, more action" was developed. In some applications, the tagline is made more directive with "Talk less, act more."


Original logomark



The mark and brand collateral were all set in Vesta Pro. 


Color Palette

The brand's light blue color is well established and though the brand is not directly an extension of the United Nations, carries the same peaceful theme. The color palette was slightly extended to include a range of blues to allow for broader applications in different environments.

Web & Mobile

The website and mobile strategy was to use big images to tell a compelling story and draw people into learning more about participating in a One Young World conference. Speaker and delegate profiles are easy to find and tell a personal story. Featured articles highlight the "action" side of the OYW summits.


Creating items for print involved a two-prong strategy. First, using the ribbon motif to flow through various worldwide locations (including the host city of Bogotá), the 'blue' materials were meant to draw-in potential delegates. In order for OYW to create change, they must attract young leaders and entrepreneurs to their events. Second, the 'black' materials were meant to speak directly to those delegates at the summit. The edgy tone and subject matter paired with the "Less talk, more action" tagline brings grit and truth to the conference and hastens the attendee to action.


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Convention Badges

Badges were created to represent the colorful architecture of the host city of Bogotá, Colombia and the Colombian flag. Badges are color-coded according to roles and share the same information on their reverse sides. Being an international convention, attendees come from many backgrounds and speak many languages. The back of their badge serves as a mini-translator and emergency reference should they find themselves in a difficult situation.


Environmental Design

Including the colors and images from the summit throughout the venue lends a cohesiveness to the event. From small elements, like elevator buttons to larger wall vinyl installations, the idea of connecting and belonging to this conference should permeate the attendees' view.



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